From the Street to the Gym: Athleisure Essentials

If you often drop by the gym on a whim or are meeting friends or relaxing at home before going to work out, then no doubt you’ll love the athleisure trend that is showing no signs of slowing down. Its has seen streetwear and gym wear combine to create stylish outfits for days out, travel or hitting the gym. This trend means that gymwear doesn’t have to be confined to the walls of the gym. Instead, gym clothes can be smartened up by trading in trainers for Vans or by adding a cool bomber, trucker cap or sunglasses to create a flawless streetwear look. We’ve rounded up some cool athleisure essentials that can be transformed from functional gym wear outfits to fresh streetwear, or vice versa.

A slim fit t-shirt

Since the rise of athleisure, there are many menswear brands that offer t-shirts that can be worn as a fashion piece of in the gym. Not only are slim fit t-shirts are very on-trend at the minute but the fitted design will also cling to your body and not ride up or get in the way whilst working out in the gym. An added bonus is that a slim fit tee will accentuate the cuts of your hard-earn physique, so if you’ve got it, you may as well show it off. Try to choose a t-shirt with invisible in-built sweat-wicking technology for added breathability and less irritation.

A fitted hoodie

A must-have wardrobe staple for fashion or in the gym, a muscle fit hoodie will keep you warm on cooler days or whilst exercising outdoors. The slim fit design will keep you warm whilst outdoors, especially during winter months. Or if you prefer to work out in just a tee, simply throw on a men’s slim fit hoodie once you’ve finished in the gym for the transition from gym to street. Add a bomber or denim jacket over the top to create a layered, on-trend outfit with ease.

Tapered sweatpants

Movement-friendly and stylish, when it comes to comfort, form and function, a pair of tapered sweatpants are hard to beat. Ideal for doing fitness outdoors or for weight training, the fitted tapered cuffs ensure that your joggers will stay in place without riding up or down during your workout. Tapered sweatpants also double up as a great staple for heading on a day out or just relaxing at home. The matching twin set or fashion tracksuit is a trend that has been steadily growing in popularity during the past year or so. Therefore, team your jogging bottoms with a matching sweater or zipped hoodie for ultimate streetwear style.

Cotton shorts

During the summer months or for cardio related exercise, a good idea would be to opt for cotton sweat shorts, instead of long joggers that can keep warmth in. Shorts that are fitted but not snug is a good rule to go by which will strike the balance between fashion shorts and shorts that are suitable for the gym perfectly. Investing in some cotton shorts in a staple colour, such as black, grey or navy, ensures that you will look smart in the gym without drawing attention to yourself or looking like you care too much, but will also be a versatile staple piece with which to match coloured t-shirts or jackets.

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