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    5 Magical Skincare Products That Really Work

    Luckily, when it comes to skincare, we have endless options to choose from. From hydrating gels to eye brightening drops, there’s a beauty trick for literally every beauty problem that may cross your way. As an absolute beauty junkie, one of my biggest obsessions is to research and experiment with skincare and finding the best […] More

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    Spring Nail Colors for 2017

    essie Global Color Designer Rebecca Minkoff helped to inspire this landscape of spring nail colors 2017 with Baja, California in mind. “The sapphire waves crashing on the sandy shore and the brilliant, creamy pink sunsets over the cactus-filled desert provide the perfect backdrop for a selfie or two,” Minkoff said. These vivid colors are the […] More

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    Orange & Purple – Mix & Match Fashion

    Orange & Purple – Mix & Match Fashion

    The collections of the famous fashion house, Balmain stole our hearts with this special colour combination. There is something vibrant, yet sophisticated about these two shades matched together. From: Fun and Stylish Ways to Try the Mix & Match Trend More

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    The Pro Foundation Guide For A Flawless Finish

    Every woman has a makeup item they are obsessing over – for me, it was foundation. Being a foundation junkie, I tried it all. From full coverage mousse to BB creams, from drugstore to high-end, there is nothing that my skin hasn’t experienced yet. And I know, finding The One can be a bit of […] More

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    NoPoo Shampoo Alternative with ManeLine

    NoPoo Shampoo is a non-foaming natural cleanser which removes sweat, dirt, grime, smoke, excessive oil and most products from hair while leaving sebum, hair’s natural oil, intact. Less is More The mentality leading the team behind Original NoPoo is that “Less is More”. By using fewer and all-natural ingredients, they developed a shampoo alternative that […] More

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    WEN by Chaz Dean Takes Hair to a New Level

    For some women, their hair is a source of constant frustration and expense because they can’t seem to find the right product to get it under control without weighing it down. For others, they do not think much about their hair and consider it to be just fine. I fell into the latter category until […] More

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