Top Watch Case Shapes

Watches for men and women come in different colors, sizes, and shapes but do you know that, what are the most common and famous watches case shapes? Among many, you must know rectangular, square, and round watch cases look. But many of you have not heard about the tonneau, cushion, and Carage looks. If you are not familiar with them. Then do not worry because you are not alone in it. In identifying the styles and shapes of watch cases, some watch aficionados struggle a lot.

To assist you in recognizing and making understanding about different shapes and styles we have listed the most famous watch case shapes below in detail. This will increase your understanding and knowledge about the watches. Read the shapes of watches carefully and pick the one that is more desirable and luxurious according to your point of view.

Square Cases

The watch case with four equal sides is called a square case. As compared to the round square are not much popular among the customers.  But still, these cases are in trend and demanded by many. The style of watches are developed by many famous brands like Ray-Ban, swatch (سواتش), Nike and many more.

Rectangular Watch Cases

These kinds of watches are mostly famous for dress watches. These types of cases are also known and have been seen at various brands.  The fan following of these watches are separate. Few can put it on well and make it stand out with his/ her look elegantly.

Oval Watch Shapes

The oval shape of watches is also known as egg-shaped watches. Oval shape watches shape is not horizontal, they are vertical. The oval shape watches are demanded by a particular type of person. You cannot pull out with the great fashion sense and boldness.

Carage Watch Cases

This shape of the case is much closer to egg shape watch case and that is the reason many people have confused.  The major difference between the oval and carage is that it is rotated to 90 degrees. This means that the shape is horizontally instead of vertical.

Tank Case

This shape is introduced by the famous brand Louis Cartier in the year 1917. These are designed for the soldiers that are fighting in World War 1. The shape of the watch is inspired by the war tanks used for fighting.

Cushion Watch Cases

These cases are very much closer to the square watch cases. The difference between both is that cushion cases have round corners while squares have 4 corners. These are acquainted with famous brands like Rado in yearly 90s.


If you want to own a watch for professional use, but one that suits your disposition and goes with the style of dressing you normally do. Select the watch case that is good according to you and compliment your wrist.  Many online sites offer a good range of watches to their valuable users. One of the names that are working in your country is BrandRange. It is a reliable and trustable online website for buying brands stuff.

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