The Pro Foundation Guide For A Flawless Finish

Every woman has a makeup item they are obsessing over – for me, it was foundation. Being a foundation junkie, I tried it all. From full coverage mousse to BB creams, from drugstore to high-end, there is nothing that my skin hasn’t experienced yet. And I know, finding The One can be a bit of a struggle if you don’t know where to look, so I made sure to create a pro foundation guide that will help out every complexion.


Skin Shade & Undertone

First and foremost, make sure the chosen foundation has wide colour range options. You don’t want to stick with a light-medium-dark shade option, because you might not get your undertone right. To find the perfect one, test it the three closest shades to your skin tone. Make sure to pay attention to your undertone as well. If your skin is naturally pale and has a porcelain-like effect to it, cool undertones will match you the best. On the other hand, foundations with warm undertones (a more orange or yellow tint to them) will match your olive toned skin.


The next thing you will have to decide on is the coverage. Our team recommends keeping different coverage foundations for different occasions.

Light coverage foundations are great choices if you don’t want to cover too much but would like to achieve a flawless effect. Light coverage foundations are glowing and sheer and they can be either tinted moisturizers, BB creams or regular foundations. For everyday use, lighter textures can work amazingly and if you choose a moisturizer, it can become part of your skin regiment.

  • Light coverage recommendation: Nars Sheer Glow

Medium coverage has to be the most popular choice of women all around the world, and we can absolutely understand why. It hides all imperfections: blemishes, discolouration and break outs, without, but it lets your natural skin tone through without creating a new canvas. If you have more problematic skin, medium coverage can be a good choice instead of light coverage.

  • Medium coverage recommendation: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

Full Coverage (also known as high coverage foundations) are the best options for parties, weddings and any special occasion if your skin is more on the problematic skin. If you choose a full coverage foundation for everyday use, try to make sure it doesn’t break you out and it doesn’t oxidize (in case it does, find a lighter shade than you would naturally use because it will darken up by time).

  • High coverage recommendations: Estée Lauder Doublewear Foundation


Finding the right texture must be the trickiest: depending on your complexion and skin type, there can be various foundations that will work together well with your skin. For oily/problematic skin types, we definitely recommend something that is not too dewy, yet not very overwhelming either. Matte, powdery and gel consistencies will create an even canvas on your skin while fighting excess oil.

If you belong to the normal/combination skin type, most foundations will look great on you, whether they have a dewy, liquid texture or a mousse consistency.

For women with sensitive or dry skin, nourishing foundations are the best choices, which will cover while giving extra hydration. Even if your skin is a bit dull, these foundations will add glow to your skin. You have a foundation that already works perfectly for you, but you are not sure about the shade, grab some custom colour drops to mix it together with your regular foundation.

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