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We all want to have more pamper days, when we can relax and take time to focus on our body. Nothing sounds better than hopping into the tub with a book after a long, rainy day, right? To make these calming “beauty days” even more pleasant, we aiming to collect top pamper essentials that every woman will absolutely adore!

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1. Pampering Nails are Essential

Nowadays you can find nourishing great hand and feet masks, which can help even the roughest skin. You can pamper your nails with a strengthening gel and paint them with one of this season’s trendiest shades (such as plum, burgundy or dark olive). If time allow, one can experiment with different patterns and nail art techniques to make them even more interesting.

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2. Hello Mermaid! – Taking Long Bath

During the busy every days, we only have time for quick showers, but taking long bath once or twice a week can be a very relaxing and fun experience. Give body extra moisturizing and make bath time more interesting with a colourful bath bomb or bath salt, and hop into your bath with a glass of wine and a book.

Before you get out of the tub, give your body a full exfoliating experience using (more…)

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3. Healthy Locks – Hair Mask and Scalp Treatment

What better time to treat your hair as well? Apply a hair mask before hopping into the tub (or you can create your own by mixing honey, olive oil and coconut oil) and once it has worked its magic for 30 minutes, wash it off your hair throughout with shampoo.

After your hair is clean, put on the conditioner at the end of the roots and wait for a few minutes until the product soaks in.

If your hair is in tip top condition try a deep treatment with hot oil and do a scalp massage. You will love the benefits for a long time!

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4. Clean & Smooth Skin

It is essential to take time to treat your face. Start the deep cleansing session by washing off your makeup with either a remover oil or wipes to make sure your skin is clean and ready for the next steps. Then, use an exfoliating cleanser that will clear out your pores and remove the dead skin cells. These parts are essentials before applying any mask or moisturizer.

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