Olive oil, friend or foe?

Today it is the turn of this liquid so appreciated among us. It is such a Mediterranean food and so ours that we use it at all times. It is one of the best foods we can have. We have to feel fortunate for it since, for example, in the United States, they do not use olive oil since they have to import it from other countries where it is in abundance, such as ours. A little olive oil there can cost what in our eyes would be an exaggeration. However, it sometimes appears as an enemy, and it can be thought that it is healthier to cook without olive oil and to do everything grilled, boiled, or steamed.

We can tell a lot about olive oil, starting from how it is obtained, acidity, types of oil… but what we want to highlight today are other not-so-known aspects of olive oil that we will tell you about below.


It also has vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin that is found, above all, in all vegetable oils. This vitamin has multiple effects on our body; for example, it stops the appearance of lipid-free radicals, which are harmful to our body.

Other components to highlight are tocopherols, antioxidant substances whose function is to trap free radicals. Among these, tyros in olive oil is essential, which is the most significant antioxidant known so far and with which numerous studies are currently being carried out.

Effects of olive oil

Altogether, olive oil has numerous beneficial effects on our body. Here we tell you some of them:

It makes the stomach empty more slowly and helps digestion better. Also, it inhibits the stomach’s acid secretion, which is why it is highly recommended for those who have ulcers. Also, it stimulates the production of bile salts, increases the absorption of minerals, and inhibits cholesterol absorption.

As we have already indicated, it increases HDL level and decreases that of LDL, thus preventing the formation of plugs in the blood vessels. It is anti-thrombogenic, or the same makes it difficult for thrombi (blood clots) to form.

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In diabetics, it improves the lipid profile, decreases blood glucose, and can reduce daily insulin doses.

Finally, it has antioxidant effects, as we have already mentioned, preventing cell oxidation and, consequently, preventing many diseases.

In conclusion, the consumption of olive oil (especially virgin) is highly recommended. The only downside is its high-calorie content, so we have to restrict its consumption, especially in people with obesity and who want to lose weight.

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