Meeting Luxury Fashion Designers in London

A JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY at The Mandeville Hotel in London

Arriving at the doorstep of The Manderville hotel in London’s West End, I was guided by doorman to “A Journey of Discovery Show” and then welcomed with a glass of champagne and lovely gift bag. Visitors started to build up slowly and some people began to make their purchases. The atmosphere was very comfortable and friendly – a perfect opportunity to meet some of the most talented luxury designers face-to-face and view their collections under one roof.



Fariba Soltani, Mandeville Hotel, London

Fariba Soltani is a London-based designer, dedicated to creating unique patterns translated onto scarves and pocket squares. Her recent collection “The Aban” is an eye-catching geometric design that could match almost any outfit. Every piece has been crafted in Italy from pure virgin wool, a testament to the designer’s commitment to unparalleled luxury and unprecedented quality.



Stacy Chan, Mandeville Hotel, London
Stacy Chan, Mandeville Hotel, London

Stacy Chan’s brand was born in 2013. Handbags resonate with the classical luxury lifestyle, as well as that which is modern at once. They feature clean, straight lines and geometric shapes in a variety of colours. Handbags are designed in London, then hand-made in Italy. This brand is known to use only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.



Sophie Cameron Davies, Mandeville Hotel, London

A British brand specialising in woman’s silk and lace shirts, created by Sophie Cameron Davies. She has an extensive background in lingerie design. All shirts are of a high quality, designed with beautiful and delicate intricacy in mind.

“With a perfect fit that enhances the beauty of the female form, a shirt from Sophie Cameron Davies promises everything the elegant woman desires”

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