Glowing & Bold: 7 Makeup Trends and Tricks For Fall and Winter

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Just like fashion, different beauty trends keep changing as well with the beginning of a new season. This fall and winter season introduced us to various makeup tricks, applying techniques and color trends that will help your skin survive the cold weather while looking glamorous! Don’t worry if you are not a makeup expert – we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know.

1. Give Back The Glow

During the fall season, your skin tends to lose its glow and become dull and dry. Besides helping it retain its health, you can also make it instantly glowing with the help of highlighting a bit. The trick is to make it as natural as possible without using crazy contour shades. Choose a cream highlighting stick and apply it to all the parts of your face where the light hits it: bridge and tip of the nose, cheekbones and chin. If you are going to a special occasions, bring the highlight down to your neck and collar bones.

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2. The Fall Magic Potion

We’ve got the solution for all the dry and combination skin women out there. If your foundation gives you enough coverage but it’s not smooth or hydrating enough, you can easily achieve a flawless finish by using your favourite serum. Add two tiny drops to your foundation and mix it together before applying it and let the magic work. The oil serum will smooth everything out without ruining the coverage, but make sure not to use too much of the serum because it can easily end up looking oily.

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3. Cherry Wine Lips

Say goodbye to vivid pink and orange shades and glossy lips! This fall will be all about matte, vampy lips. From dark taupe to chocolate brown and dark berry colors, we’ve seen every gothic, modern lipstick shade in the newest makeup collections. If you choose to wear daring lipstick, keep the rest of your makeup simple. Apply a bit of blush and mascara, set everything with a makeup fixing spray and you are good to go.

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4. Spider Lashes

If you are not that into dark lipstick in general, we’ve got another bold makeup trend for you. Give your lashes extra volume and just the right amount of edge with the spider lash technique. For this look, put away the black eyeliner and apply champagne eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes. Then, get creative with your lashes: you can either use false lashes or create dramatic volume and length with a maximizing mascara. Don’t be afraid to get them a bit clumpy this time and make sure to coat your lower lashes as well.

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5. Warm Tones

Don’t let the weather take over your mood and makeup! Keep warm tones in your beauty closet, because by using shades such as burnt orange, burgundy and browns, you can create a brighter and warmer illusion. Apply a hint of terracotta blush on your cheeks (it will look flattering on every skin tone) and beige and amber on your eyelids. For an extra bit of glam, finish off your look with a brown or burgundy liquid lipstick.

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6. Maximum Hydration

Because of the wind and the cold weather, your skin can easily dry out. Give it the extra moisturizing it needs by using more soothing and rich textured cream. After cleansing your face as usual, pamper it with a few sleeping masks and DIY hydrating mask and a repairing night serum. Try to search for ingredients such as honey, avocado oil and shea butter. Their formula will nourish the skin without making it feel heavy.

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7. Double Power

Sometimes (especially in rainy weather), our makeup just won’t stay in place long enough. Besides setting spray, give your makeup an extra layer to secure everything in place. To avoid looking cakey but still make your look long-lasting, apply liquids first and set them with powder. Just like with foundation and pressed powder: you can use a liquid blush with powder on top or add a few dabs of black pigment powder on top of your liquid eyeliner. Before using your setting spray, gently dust of the excess. The results will look airbrushed and your makeup won’t smudge.

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