How To Wear A Hoodie In 5 Modern Ways

There was a time when hoodies were considered the de facto clothing of angry young men looking to cause trouble. But, thanks to a conscious design overhaul, hoodies have made their way into mainstream fashion. Today, hoodies are worn almost daily. They look exceptionally well with (khakis pants).

A Brief History of the Hoodie

Hoodies have always been the staple clothing of athletes. As a matter of fact, this specific garment was the invention of Champion USA (known as Champion Products at the time), a sportswear manufacturer now headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Originally designed to protect athletes against miserable weather conditions, hoodies found their way into the wardrobes of skaters, college students, and other members of the rebellious subcultures of the eighties and nineties.

The defiant nature associated with hooded sweatshirts added to its popularity among hip-hop artists often considered the pinnacle of nonconformity. Moreover, the growing popularity of highly competitive sports such as basketball and boxing prompted designers to introduce new styles and designs for hoodies. The emergence of sportswear brands such as Nike took the garment to new heights.
Without going into any more details, here are five proven ways to wear the perfect hoodie:

The Layered Look

Wearing a hoodie isn’t about showing attitude or making a style statement. Hooded sweatshirts have their own aura and it’s best to wear one as part of a layered look. A cashmere hoodie can make you look sharp all the while keeping your body temperature in check. Wear a zip-up hoodie atop a crew-neck T-shirt. You can add an overcoat or jacket to complement your upper body wear. Wear slim jeans and fresh trainers to create the perfect clothing style for the day.

The Athleisure Look

This particular look has what it takes to provide comfort and a cool outlook at the same time. You can look fresh without a hint of laziness on your face, all thanks to the brilliant hooded sweatshirt designs available for purchase everywhere. Say goodbye to the oversized hoodies of yesteryears. Those weren’t even comfortable in the first place. Welcome the hoodies of today. The fabric used in hoodies today is heavier and softer. The end product is the perfect combination of quality and longevity. If you plan to go full athleisure mode, consider wearing a black hoodie with fitted joggers (of the same color) and leather sneakers.

With Tailored Trousers

Take it from us: Hoodies worn with tailored trousers are the right combination of high-low dressing. Complement your style with wider-leg trousers and T-shirts. A neutral color hoodie goes best with trousers and sneakers. Try this combination yourself and you’ll be amazed by the result.

With a Leather Jacket

This phenomenal combination is seen to make its way into the fictional realm. If you’re a fan of Spider-Man, you would probably know the dressing choice of Peter Parker. This clothing style is suited to guys in their late twenties and early thirties. Hoodies have undergone tremendous improvements. They can be worn in various situations. The improved quality of these garments is the reason why adults prefer to wear casual designs while off-duty. Since black works with almost anything, you can wear a hoodie under a black leather jacket. Slip into indigo jeans and Chelsea boots to pull off a cool style.

Under a Suit

You can wear a hoodie with a tailored piece of clothing to your workplace. This particular look is a combination of casual and formal. With workplaces becoming less formal when it comes to clothing, now is your time to stun the crowd with this sharp yet near outerwear. You must have worn hoodies with straight-leg jeans. Take things up a notch with this rule-breaker of an outlook. This combination is in no way outlandish rather it maintains the office persona pretty well.
How many of these styles work out for you? Give each one a go and you’ll be able to take your confidence to the next level.

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