How to make your hair soft and luscious

Soft, shiny, luscious locks are something that we all dream of, and are actually easier to achieve than you may think. Here you will find a variety of tips and tricks to make sure that you have soft, luscious hair all year round. From a guide to how to wash your hair, to using natural beauty products like murumuru butter you’ll find everything you need by reading below.

Top tips for how to care for your hair and make it soft

If you’re looking to achieve soft, luscious hair there are a few small adjustments you can make to your hair care routine to help.

  • Maintain a healthy diet. Not only do you need to have a healthy diet and drink plenty of water for your health but also for your hair! Ensuring you have a balanced diet including drinking water will provide the hydration, vitamins and minerals your hair needs.
  • Don’t wash your hair every day. Washing your hair too regularly can cause it to become greasier. If you want soft hair instead of shiny, oily hair wash your hair every 2-3 days instead.

Gently squeeze the water out of your hair when towel drying. If you rub your hair dry with a towel it can cause breaks, ultimately resulting in dry, damaged hair. Instead, gently squeeze the excess water out to keep your hair in the best condition.

Natural products that will help give your hair a natural softness

Once you have your routine right, there are a few natural products that you can use to help give your hair a natural softness and shine.

  • Invest in some murumuru butter. Derived from the fruit fats of a nut which falls from an Amazon rainforest palm, murumuru butter is lightweight and non-greasy. This makes it perfect for your hair, especially as it will nourish, moisturize and strengthening your hair, and help prevent rough split ends.
  • Use a hair mask to add some shine. Equal parts honey and olive oil make a perfect hair mask, ideal for adding a luscious look to your locks.
  • Apply your mask to damp hair.
  • Cover with a towel for half an hour.
  • Washing out with a mild shampoo.

From using natural products to getting your hair care routine there are some quick and easy ways for you to achieve those perfect soft, luscious locks you’re after.

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