Heal Your Body with Popular Japanese Massage

What shiatsu massage can do for your body?

Shiatsu massage is a very popular Japanese form of healing that uses the hands to apply different amounts of pressure to specific areas of the body. This type of healing massage is said to be used for a person’s overall well-being as well as to help with a specific problem.

Balance to the body

Shiatsu, in essence, helps to bring balance to the body. It stimulates the immune system in an effort to get the body to use it’s own unique healing powers. This will take care of many chronic issues that may occur. What shiatsu massage can do for the body is debated in some areas. Many feel claims are made about it’s power that are not entirely true, and may even be dangerous.

Not a rubbing massage

Unlike some other types of massage, shiatsu is done without any of the rubbing you associate with other massage. It relies almost exclusively on pressure points to remove energy blockage to promote the healing power contained within the body. As with many other types of massage that come from the Orient, the belief is that a properly balanced energy flow will help the body heal on its own.

It can be used for

  • menstrual problems
  • all types of muscular problems and pains
  • headaches
  • common digestive problems
  • and helps to relieve stress and emotional problems that may be blocking healing.

Understand the basics

To understand the basics of shiatsu massage, you should think about other forms of oriental massage, as well as the practice of acupuncture. They all rely on stimulating spots on the body said to be connected to energy flow. When the energy is freed, true healing can begin. Though the basic principles are the same. The techniques used to apply those methods are what set each procedure and type of massage apart from the rest. This healing massage uses the fingers and palms to stimulate the points on the body with pressure, tapping, and some squeezing.

What to expect on first visit

When you first go in for shiatsu healing massage, you will be asked about all of your medical conditions, your medical history, and about lifestyle issues that may leave you feeling stressed or bound up. This is important information, so it is a good idea to be as honest and thorough as possible while answering these questions. This will help the massage therapist to determine where your energy may be blocked, and what approach to take when deciding on your therapy.

Realistic claims

Though you may find some people who claim that shiatsu massage can help with more serious issues like cancer, you should be careful about how you proceed. While it is essential that you are comfortable with what your massage therapy can do for you, you do have to be realistic. If you are under treatment for any type of serious medical condition, you should never drop your medical treatments and rely solely on shiatsu massage. You should use it in conjunction with your medical treatments to promote healing, and to wash away the stresses you may be experiencing at that time in your life. Together, western medicine and massage treatments can work to promote healing and longevity.

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