Crazy Beauty Treatment Trends For This Year

With the rise of social media and powerful beauty influencers, it can sometimes feel like there’s extra pressure to look flawless. In the bid to achieve perfection, some people are attempting crazy trends, and there truly is no shortage of weird and wonderful treatments for them to try! From Mexico to Harley Street, beauty treatments are on the rise. Here’s a look at some of the craziest beauty treatments trends for 2018:

Vampire Facial

Kim Kardashian is practically the ambassador for this wild skincare treatment. Typically, celebrities will embark on their Vampire Facial ritual before an awards ceremony or red carpet walk. A “vampire” facial involves drawing out blood from the patients arm and re-injecting it into the patient’s face using a tool called a dermal roller . Whilst some insist this treatment isn’t painful, it’s certainly enough to make you wince. This process, however, does have many benefits when it comes to younger looking skin as it encourages rejuvenation of cells and develops collagen in the process.

“Glass Skin” Complexion

A once solely Korean sensation has now taken the rest of the world by storm. So-called “glass skin” revolves around skincare treatments to make your skin have the appearance of glass or porcelain. This can be achieved through laser treatments to target pigmentation and a carbon laser peel treatment that focuses on revitalising the top layer of your skin. You should then maintain your “glass” skin with Korean skincare products such as double cleansing and watermelon glow sleeping mask.


Microblading is a trend revolving around the new-found obsession with flawless eyebrows. Increasing numbers of women have become obsessed with having perfect eyebrows, but without the constant maintenance that comes with it. That’s when microblading happens. Microblading is essentially the procedure of semi-permanently tattooing eyebrows, applying thin strokes to create the illusion of thicker eyebrow hairs. It’s said to be a relatively painless, easy process, with the key seller being that they can last for up to 3 years (with some touch ups needed in-between).

Bone Lifts

Bone lifts are a newer emerging crazy trend, where ageing skin can be uplifted by using the bone structure underneath. A leading surgeon pioneering this treatment is Gary Ross, a well-known surgeon for cosmetic surgery, Manchester ( He apparently believes this will be the future of facelift surgery! It’s a fairly new treatment for now, but once it’s brought out into the mainstream, it could be topping the must-have surgery list for A-listers.

Sculpting Abs

Using liposuction to give the appearance of “sculpted” abs has to be one of this year’s craziest trends. It’s essentially a treatment whereby the surgeon will create abs by removing outer layers of fat and reveal the abdominals underneath. This is for anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of working out at the gym to achieve abs naturally! Mostly popular in the States, this trend is set to soon be a requested treatment in Europe.

How far will you go?

When it comes to crazy beauty trends, it can be difficult to believe the lengths some people will go to achieve their idea of perfection. It’s easy to get caught up in some of the trends from social media and influencers, so the next time you feel like your abs could do with a little sculpting, perhaps take a little trip to the gym first?

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