Capsule Wardrobes: Simple Ideas to Pare down Your Closet

Begin your journey to a fewer frills kind of life

“Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It is your masterpiece after all.”– Author Unknown

While a lot of individuals would argue the point, there is no denying the beauty and allure of an open closet that is both organized and clutter free.

Today, the capsule wardrobe movement has been making a lot of waves and yet there are still quite a lot of skeptics who are hesitant to take on the movement under the impression that they would effectively narrow down their sartorial options. Sure, it might seem like an unorthodox idea to purge one’s wardrobe from unnecessary clothes in order to make room for more clothing choices. But you would soon find that after getting rid of the stuff you do not want nor need, you are opening yourself up to the possibility of better clothing ensembles—and by relation, a better dressed you.

It does not matter whether your closet is filled with mostly wholesale streetwear or the like, if you feel like it is overstuffed then you would definitely benefit from this movement. If you are convinced, you might be asking yourself where you should start. Well,luckily for you, this article has rounded up the ways you could begin your journey to a fewer frills kind of life with a capsule wardrobe:

1.) Start easy

Begin your journey by starting with clothes that can no longer be worn outside off the house. This means eliminating any items that might be ripped, torn, stained or just damaged beyond condition. If an item in your closet is no longer in wearable condition, you might want to consider disposing of them or donating them to charity.

2.) Remove season items

Take a gander at your closet and reevaluate the fashion and style choices you have made over the years. More often than not, you will find a likely culprit inside that you have not worn all year.

Free up some much needed space by getting rid of these. However, you do not have to say goodbye to these items entirely, you can simply store them in a separate storage space where they would not be cluttering up your closet.

3.) Get rid of clothes that do not fit 

Sure, you might be hanging on to a particular piece of clothing in the hopes that it would fit you someday soon. But let us face it: If you have not dropped down at least a size in the past two months then there is not a likely chance you are going to fit into those clothes in the near future.

Your insistence in holding on to them would only fill up precious closet space that could have been dedicated to clothes that do fit you and can actually wear. The only thing these items are doing is effectively weighing you down physically,emotionally and mentally. After all, how many times have you gritted your teeth in frustration after you found out they still do not fit?Take it from us, pass them on to someone who can you use them or at least sell them.

4.) Consider the idea of one

You do not really need multiples of anything. If one is enough,embrace it and stick with simply just that. Do not hoard its clones.You do not have to own an entire assortment; rather just try owning only your favorite things.

This can be anything such as your favorite black dress, jacket, handbag, and belt to name a few. In this way, you would be able to create a closet filled only with things that you love and a closet you would love to use.

5.) Reassess your current trend purchases

The truth is, the fashion industry makes it money by constantly purveying new fashion trends and styles to consumers—regardless of whether they truly need it or not. They market themselves by constantly changing fashion trends as they cannot survive by providing people with what they need. In this regard, they need to create a false need by creating new fashion trends and colors every season. Do not fall for these tricks and stick to timeless pieces of fashion and the classics.

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