Can Sustainable Clothing Be Fashionable?

With fast-fashion currently the second-most polluting industry in the world, behind only oil, fashion consumers are now becoming more conscious of making more sustainable shopping choices.

Fast-fashion focuses on low costs and speed when it comes to manufacturing clothing in order to meet demand, but it is extremely bad for the environment. With demand increasing for cheap clothing, clothing manufacturers are looking to reduce cost and the time it takes for the clothing to reach shop floors, so environmental corners are much more likely to be cut.

As fast-fashion demand increases, so does its negative environmental impact. Water pollution, toxic chemicals and labour exploitation are also increasing, so more and more people are turning to sustainable fashion as an investment in not only their wardrobe but the environment. So, can sustainable clothing be fashionable?

Get Informed

Do a little research, and you’ll find that many brands and companies are now becoming focused on being ethical and selling “green” clothing. Large retailers, such as H&M, have started work to begin adhering to environmental requirements and implementing sustainability initiatives that are dedicated to restricting the production and use of any harmful chemicals.

There are other small brands that are currently thriving thanks to their focus on offering sustainable and ethical clothing. Many brands are specialists in the items of clothing they are offering and the ethical work that goes into producing them.

Horizon Athletic sell a range of swimwear and activewear made from Econyl, which is a fabric crafted from abandoned fishing nets and other plastic consumer waste. If you’re looking for a sustainable bag, Made By Wave blends the modern aesthetics of a traditional traveller with traditional Indonesian craftsmanship and works closely with the teams and ensures that the craftsmen are paid fairly and live and work in good conditions.


By learning what your clothes are made of, this helps you to take care of your clothing and it is crucial if you are thinking about reducing the environmental impact. It’s important to build a capsule wardrobe which will last a long time, and it’s best to invest in key wardrobe items. With many brands now using ethical methods, it is much easier to find stylish pieces.

Whilst sustainable clothing may conjure up images of itchy hemp material, the clothing is more often than not made from organic and sustainable cotton. Shop around for the best brands which offer the style of clothing that you like.

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