5 Fun and Stylish Ways to Try the Mix & Match Trend

Bored with Your Current Closet? Create your own unique fashion outfit

Since last year, the Mix & Match technique has been one of fashionistas’ favourite fashion tricks. The aim of Mix & Match is to match together different styles, patterns and clothing items to create a unique, one of a kind outfit. If you are bored with your current closet and everyday outfits, but not sure where to start, we’ve got some fun suggestions!

Other Mix & Match Techniques We Love:

  • Polka dots & Stripes: For those days when you are feeling fun and a bit crazy, why not try out stripes and polka dots?
  • Midi skirts & Crop tops: Mixing together old Hollywood glam with one of today’s biggest trends…do we need to say more?
  • Leather & Cashmere: Another great way to match leather is to add a cashmere sweater to your look! The material with make your look more soft and feminine.

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