5 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Room With Candles?


Candles are the most beautiful and romantic piece of decoration you can add to your home. Candles have the thing that instantly creates a cosy vibe and makes the environment romantic. Light a few candles, and your home gets dressed up. The scented candles then play the role of the cherry on the cake in giving you a more relaxing and soothing environment. No matter how you decide to place your candles, they will create a welcoming, comfortable, warmer and relaxing environment. This article will tell you the ways you can use candles to decorate your beautiful home with candles.

Decorate Every Room with Candles

The beautiful, colourful, and scented candles do not create a comfortable environment for your guests, but yourself too. Whenever you feel down, light some candles near you and enjoy the experience of aromatherapy. Cluster the candles, use marble candlesuse different heights, enjoy different scents, stylish holders, and decorate every space in your home.

Use Candles in the Kitchen

Put the candles in glass or place them on high stands, and place your favourite scented candles in the centre of your dining table. Match the candles with your colour theme and create a traditional or contemporary style. You can place the candles encased in a glass lantern on your kitchen island. The lanterns are not only for the outdoors. You can use them wherever you want. Place them directly on the floor in your living room and create a vintage look. Find a beautiful nook and place three lanterns of different sizes on the floor.

Use Them in the Bathroom

Enjoy a long and warm bath with lots of candles around you. Some luxury candles come with a variety of luxury scents, and they are proven to be effective for aromatherapy. Cluster the candles in the corner of your bathroom and keep it fresh and cosy. Match them with the interior of your bathroom, relax in the tub and enjoy the relaxing environment. When you place the candles in the bathroom, they not only make the whole area smell luxurious but also make the space look bright and luxurious. Place the white candles or match the candles with the bathroom colour scheme on the tray with rolled towels, bath accessories, and flowers.

Decorate Your Bedroom with the Candles

Bedrooms are the ideal place to decorate with lots of candles. They add a romantic touch to the bedrooms. Light them on your side tables and enjoy the soothing scent while creating a nighty glow. No matter you have a traditional interior or modern room, candles add a bit of whimsy appeal. There is something more attractive about placing candles in transparent glass. Cluster the glasses in the mid of the table and tie twine around them to create a vintage rustic mood. You can also put the candles on a console table with lots of frames and decorative pieces.

Create a Relaxing Environment in the Living Room

In your living room, while you are enjoying your favourite movie, the candles on every side around you create warmth. The living room is the place where you spend most of your time with your family making memories. This place should be cosy enough to lift your mood after the long hectic day at work. Hide the candles in the glass or holders or keep them bare on the shelves and coffee tables, it depends on your space’s style and choice. The candlelit fireplace works wonders for adding style to your place. Make your random weekday meal special by placing all the candles in a row on your dining table. It’s up to you whether you want to place the candles on the stand or directly on the table. Decorate a table with rose petals and arrange a romantic candlelight dinner for your partner.

Make DIY Candles and Decorate Your Home

Making candles is not a difficult thing. If you have a never-ending love for candles, don’t worry, you can make ones for yourself. You have to melt the wax, add some scent to it, and put the wax in the mould to create your favourite shape. To make the candle more stylish and create your aroma, take the equal-sized cinnamon sticks and tie it around the candle directly or on a glass in which the candle is placed. It will release a relaxing aroma when the candle burns. Place it on your dining table or coffee table to add style. You can use different colours while making the candle and make it look more interesting and appealing.


Candles are often considered important for the light when there is no electricity in your home. They are generally ignored when it comes to home décor. Placing candles everywhere in your home adds style and warmth to your whole space and creates an awesome look. Hopefully, these ways will help you make the best use of your candles.

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