4 Things Couples Forget To Include For Their Wedding Day

With all the necessary things needed for your wedding day, there are bound to be a few things that you and your partner may forget. But, there are a few important items that you don’t want want to forget. So, here are 5 things that couples forget to include for their wedding day.

Allow For Extra Time

Whilst you may plan on running to a strict time schedule, it is important to plan for a few extra hours here and there, depending on the size of your bridal and groom party. When it comes to hair and makeup for yourself and your bridesmaids, it may be worth adding on an extra half an hour to an hour. This way, if something goes wrong or needs changing, you have plenty of time to do it in without ticking into the time allocated for something else.

Transportation is another way that wedding parties often cut it close when it comes to timing. It is much better to arrive 15 minutes early than 30 minutes late. Of course, you need to bear in mind that some venues may have time restrictions in place. You also need to think about when you plan for your vendors to arrive and leave. Don’t plan for your photographer to leave at 9 pm, but arrange to cut the cake at 9:30.

Give Out Gifts To Your Partner And Parents

If you and your partner intend on giving each other gifts, then it is important to speak to each other beforehand. Many brides and grooms often get upset if they receive a gift but don’t give one in return. Don’t automatically assume that your partner will give you a gift or card just because you have got them one. If you want to give a gift to your partner or other close family members, such as your parents, then plan these out well in advance of your wedding date.

Ladies fashion watches, vintage whiskey or flowers are all great gifts to give to your partner or close family members, and they will really appreciate the thought that you have put into giving them a gift.

Ask For A Reveal Of The Reception Venue

Something that a lot of couples forget to do is to take time out and appreciate your empty wedding venue before any guests enter and take their seats. When couples enter their venue to a full room of family and friends, a lot of the finer details can be missed. No matter how simple or over the top your decor is, seeing everything put together for the first time is a really special moment. Make the use of the photographer during this quiet time and take some photographs together in the empty room.

Soak Up The Day With Your Partner

Your wedding day, no matter what you think, will fly by so quickly, so having just a few minutes on your own will really help you to soak everything in. Plan in a walk or even just a sit-down and celebratory drink with your partner and spend time together just the two of you. You’ve spent a lot of time and effort to make your day special, so you should take time to appreciate it all. Take some fun photos together or even just look at everything that you have set up. You’ve created a great day to spend with your friends and family celebrating your love, so you should enjoy time with one another!

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