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    Simple & Elegant: Clever Closet-Cleaning

    We all have those times when our closet needs a bit of a cleanse. Saying goodbye to some of your old clothing items is the first step if you believe your style needs reinventation and some fresh styles. To make sure you will do your closet cleansing consciously, we will help you with a guide […] More

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    Why The World Needs New Superheroes to Fight Injustice?

    We live in a time when personal selfishness covers all horizons. We lost the sense of solidarity, the civic sense, which should never be confused with charity and equality…The human being needs to go further, he must wear this spirit, a green spirit … a symbol of nature, a symbol of hope, a symbol of […] More

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    5 key changes and trends in the fashion industry in 2016 Vol1.

    2016 will probably go down as the year when voters rejected a liberal approach to life. The economic recession of previous years that brought us austerity, and the fully pledged globalisation in industry and production, attacked the least prepared segments of society. It was another “industrial revolution”, this time a more silent one. Workers lost […] More

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    Meeting Luxury Fashion Designers in London

    Arriving at the doorstep of The Manderville hotel in London’s West End, I was guided by doorman to “A Journey of Discovery Show” and then welcomed with a glass of champagne and lovely gift bag. Visitors started to build up slowly and some people began to make their purchases. The atmosphere was very comfortable and […] More

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    The 5 Most Stunning Couture Runway Makeup Looks

    Haute Couture runway shows not only take us to fashion wonderland, but they also show us a new, artistic and creative side of makeup. Tulle pieces, shiny metallic detailing, glitter liners, crystals…there is nothing that can’t be turned into makeup treasures when it comes to the most luxurious runway shows in fashion. The work of […] More

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    5 Fun and Stylish Ways to Try the Mix & Match Trend

    Since last year, the Mix & Match technique has been one of fashionistas’ favourite fashion tricks. The aim of Mix & Match is to match together different styles, patterns and clothing items to create a unique, one of a kind outfit. If you are bored with your current closet and everyday outfits, but not sure […] More