You Born May 22 – June 21 – Gemini Fashion (3/12)

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These smart, sexy and cerebral women change their mind about what they want to wear
every day. Their closets are well stocked with the appropriate outfits for any occasion. This curious sign faithfully studies fashion magazines and is always up on the latest trends in fashion.

For casual wear, they prefer clothes with subtle, yet unusual touches – velvet cuffs on shirt, an unexpected ruffle or a bit of antique lace on a collar.

Gemini females have a keen sense of style, and when they are in business mode, they prefer to dress up as the office “queens” complete with power suit, pearls and expensive watch. Their favorite colors are navy blue, pink, lavender, silver and gold.

They love to dance so they prefer loose fluid clothing in silks, cottons and satins that
flow with them as they move. They also like cheap street chic of a red vinyl mini-skirt or the surprise offered by the wearing of a bright yellow sari to a garden party.

Turquoises, rubies, pearls and citrines are their favorite stones. These free spirits also like natural jewelry are not beyond tucking a few blossoms behind their ears.