Four Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Dress


“Selecting a wedding dress is more than just a fitting…it is aprocess—a memory in the making.” –Olivelli Cape Town

Choosing your wedding dress is just as important as choosing your wedding venue. It dictates the theme and personality of your wedding and injects character as to the kind of bride you are. In most cases,it may even cause the bride a degree of stress as deciding on one wedding gown can be overwhelming. After all, this moment and milestone only comes once in your life, so it is only appropriate that you dress the part. With all eyes on you on that particular day,you would undoubtedly feel pressured in choosing the best wedding gown. But remember to choose a wedding gown not only for visual-aesthetics, but ensure that you choose one that resonates your character and personality—one you would love today and in thirty years when you would look back at your wedding day.

Furthermore, it should be practical and comfortable enough for you not only to walk in, but to dance in as well. In any case, here awesome of the things you should consider in choosing a gown:

1.  Consider the location  

One of the things you should consider in choosing a wedding dress is the events place. By taking your wedding’s time and location into account,you would considerably narrow down your choice list and would enable you to focus on your search. Consider what kind of ceremony you would be having. An example of this is to rule out ball gowns with intricate embellishments and long trains for beach weddings and crossing out short dresses for cathedral weddings.

2.  Set a budget

Come up with a realistic budget and stick to it. After all, you cannot spend a huge fraction of your wedding budget on the gown alone as there are many other aspects you would need to spend for. Figure out just how much you want to spend for a gown and consult a salesperson before she brings out the gowns. Once you start browsing without telling the salesperson of your budget first, you might lose your resolve in sticking to a budget and end up buying a more expensive dress.

3.  Start early 

Typically, it is deal for you to start shopping at least six to nine months prior to your wedding day. If you wish to have a designer make your dress, take note of the time frame he or she would need to complete the dress which can go anywhere from four to six months.Remember, they would also have to take alterations into considerations and the more elaborate a gown is, the longer it will take. If you are pressed for time, most shops will do rush orders for an additional fee but the choices would be limited. Alternatively,you can just choose something off the rack and get one that would need little to no alterations at all.

4.   Do your research

If you want your wedding gown search endeavor to be successful, then you need to at least brush up on a few terms you need to be aware of.It is hardly likely that you ever came across words such as basque waist, Watteau train or even differentiate between two shades of white—which hardly makes any difference to you. In this regard, it is important for you to read as many bridal magazines, books and bridal websites as you can. From here, you would learn a lot about fabrics, silhouettes and you will learn the jargon which would help you convey what it is you are looking for.

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