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    5 Magical Skincare Products That Really Work

    Luckily, when it comes to skincare, we have endless options to choose from. From hydrating gels to eye brightening drops, there’s a beauty trick for literally every beauty problem that may cross your way. As an absolute beauty junkie, one of my biggest obsessions is to research and experiment with skincare and finding the best […] More

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    Spring Nail Colors for 2017

    essie Global Color Designer Rebecca Minkoff helped to inspire this landscape of spring nail colors 2017 with Baja, California in mind. “The sapphire waves crashing on the sandy shore and the brilliant, creamy pink sunsets over the cactus-filled desert provide the perfect backdrop for a selfie or two,” Minkoff said. These vivid colors are the […] More

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    The Pro Foundation Guide For A Flawless Finish

    Every woman has a makeup item they are obsessing over – for me, it was foundation. Being a foundation junkie, I tried it all. From full coverage mousse to BB creams, from drugstore to high-end, there is nothing that my skin hasn’t experienced yet. And I know, finding The One can be a bit of […] More

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    Pamper Day Essentials

    During the colder months, we all want to have more pamper days, when we can relax and take time to focus on our body. Nothing sounds better than hopping into the tub with a book after a long, rainy day, right? To make these calming “beauty days” even more pleasant, we aiming to collect top […] More

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    How Can this Special Pen Remove Your Wrinkles

    Every day scientists and skincare laboratories and doctors try to figure ways to remove wrinkles and unwanted scars. From anti-aging creams to non-surgical treatments such as Botox and all the way to full surgical plastic surgeries. It is hard to imagine that anti-aging services market alone reached $47.9 billion in 2015. Some of these treatments […] More

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    4 Glitter and Glam Eyeshadow Trend

    Some trends come back around faster than others. Case in point, glittery eye makeup is back on the scene for holiday season and hotter than ever! While most shiny cosmetics were tossed back in the early 2000’s along with our butterfly clips and frosted lip gloss, you might find yourself wishing you had saved that […] More

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    The 5 Most Stunning Couture Runway Makeup Looks

    Haute Couture runway shows not only take us to fashion wonderland, but they also show us a new, artistic and creative side of makeup. Tulle pieces, shiny metallic detailing, glitter liners, crystals…there is nothing that can’t be turned into makeup treasures when it comes to the most luxurious runway shows in fashion. The work of […] More

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    Glowing & Bold: 7 Makeup Trends and Tricks For Fall and Winter

    Just like fashion, different beauty trends keep changing as well with the beginning of a new season. This fall and winter season introduced us to various makeup tricks, applying techniques and color trends that will help your skin survive the cold weather while looking glamorous! Don’t worry if you are not a makeup expert – […] More

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    Easy and Fun Halloween Makeup to Try

    One of the best parts of Halloween is creating a fun makeup to finish off your costume. Sure, for hair you could just buy a costume wig, and for the face you could just buy a mask but that’s no fun! Using your own makeup kit and a dab of creativity, you can style your […] More