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    Simple & Elegant: Clever Closet-Cleaning

    We all have those times when our closet needs a bit of a cleanse. Saying goodbye to some of your old clothing items is the first step if you believe your style needs reinventation and some fresh styles. To make sure you will do your closet cleansing consciously, we will help you with a guide […] More

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    Orange & Purple – Mix & Match Fashion

    Orange & Purple – Mix & Match Fashion

    The collections of the famous fashion house, Balmain stole our hearts with this special colour combination. There is something vibrant, yet sophisticated about these two shades matched together. From: Fun and Stylish Ways to Try the Mix & Match Trend More

  • Dress Abstract

    These Cloths are Literally Made from Real Paintings

    Have you ever wondered if you could transfer your favourite painting into a dress? What if you could just wear Picasso masterpiece? Well creating wearable art is not that easy but your best chance is to head into Dress Abstract shop to find something similar and wrap yourself in art masterpiece. Most designers follow patterns […] More

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    5 Fun and Stylish Ways to Try the Mix & Match Trend

    Since last year, the Mix & Match technique has been one of fashionistas’ favourite fashion tricks. The aim of Mix & Match is to match together different styles, patterns and clothing items to create a unique, one of a kind outfit. If you are bored with your current closet and everyday outfits, but not sure […] More

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    Lace & Leather – Mix & Match Fashion

    Lace represents elegance and femininity, leather represents an edgy, futuristic viewpoint of fashion … what a classic mix & match! An outfit with leather and lace elements can work perfectly for any special occasion or even a first date, because it is elegant and sultry at the same time. From:Fun and Stylish Ways to Try […] More

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    Baby Blue & Dark Brown - Mix & Match Fashion

    Baby Blue & Dark Brown – Mix & Match Fashion

    Another odd, yet amazing colour combination is baby blue and brown. Because the brown usually has warmth to it while to blue is more of a cool tone, we don’t match these shades together often…but we definitely should! The two colours together create an exquisite look, whether you would like a casual or more formal […] More

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    Casual & Formal - Mix & Match Fashion

    Casual & Formal – Mix & Match Fashion

    This has to be one of my favourite mix & match combinations. Ripped jeans with a slim fit shirt or blazer, an oversized Disney print T-shirt with peplum skirts – this combination screams effortless elegance and fashion forward style. Not to mention, these outfits are also comfortable because of the casual clothing item. From: Fun […] More

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    7 Chic, Affordable Style Tips For Mature Ladies

    Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Diane von Furstenberg… just a few fashion icons who are constantly showing us that fashion is absolutely ageless. They are always surprise us with their unique fashion style and creativity, so we decided to collect their tricks, creating a list of the 7 best fashion advices for mature ladies. Regardless of […] More